Workshops & services

No matter if you are a beginner or intermediate, our import export training workshops will give you the expertise, knowledge and skills that will give you an edge over others in the challenging and difficult world of export, import and international trade.

How will you benefit through this training workshop?

- How to setup your business
- How to source products and suppliers
- How to find sellers and buyers
- Custom procedures involved
- How to send samples
- What should be the payment terms
- How to take out risk from this business
- Global marketing
For further details on training workshops Call: +91 9322188701

We offer guidance workshops on following topics:
  • Practical training workshop on 'Export Import Management with Global Marketing'
  • Special workshop for visionary businessmen - UDAAN
  • International Communication Skills - Talk to your international clients fluently & effectively. 
Our Services:
  • Searching foreign matured buyers / suppliers for regular products / special products.
  • Searching local suppliers.
  • EPCG matter.
  • IE Code online application.
  • RCMC registration.
  • All types of DGFT benefits.
  • Legal matters related to EXIM.
  • Development of dynamic, user friendly website.